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Radu Panait represents the 3rd generation of artists in his family; starting from his grandfather, who was also a renowned Romanian sculptor.

The artist draws his inspiration from the earliest myths of hybrids between man and animal. Fables that are present around the globe and date back to antiquity. The mythological creatures are either the direct product of the divine, or the offsprings of gods or warrior created to obey by the commandment of the divine.

This creative process fascinated the artist and pushed him in this scientific-artistic experiment, by creating his own hybrid entities. Creatures subject of sharing the same rules and fragile existante of mortal humans, in contrast to a superior being.

This zoomorphic metamorphosis, mirrors the modern man who is moving further and further away from the origins that created him. The vanity, the thirst for knowledge and the need for power, is growing stronger in front of the natural, and of the spiritual side.

The artist emphasizes that although by birth we are 100% natural; for less than 200 years we have been embracing a prefabricated world, and fighting for a false evolution.