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The Dance

In a constant battle between figurative and abstract, the artist of Hungarian / Romanian origin continues his in-depth research related to the origin of life through the manipulation of clay.


About the work

To create harmony there need to be at least two entities. The two entities needs to understand each other. Although they are distinct, they seems to agree to each other by helping each other to go in the same direction. It is something that weather or not has a finality, it create joy, the joy of presence of harmony which is The Dance.

Build process

Technique: Each artwork is hand sculpted by the artist.  Build process takes between 4-8 weeks; please allow extra time for custom orders (materials and dimensions can be customized upon request). No two pieces will be the same, because each piece is 100% unique. Due to the nature of the material, the coloring may vary slightly from the photos. I started “Snail wood”, inspired by the idea of wortex itself as a way in wich to oposite forces start to work together making natural masterpiece, like vortex in the water, or wind. This work is ment to be a reminder of the Ultimate Goal of Human Being: The returning to the Original State or to the Source of all things or whatever name people from allover the world gave, to something that could not be described perfectly in words nor otherwise. The dimensions of the work are 17x17x17inches. The artificial stone base of 8x8x8 inches is detachable.


Sculpture: L 30 cm / W 31 cm / H 55 cm

Dimensions may vary slightly ( each sculpture is unique )


Wood, Resin, Pigment, Wax.

Limited edition

The artwork is limited to 8 editions +2AP.




Radu Borcoman is a person with a great joy for life. One of the ways he express it is by passionately sculpting his ideas which represent rather new shape for ancient principles of life.

The artist has a unique style with daring forms and bold movements, and yet he is not considering himself to be a professional of sculpture, rather he use sculpture as a tool to express his principles.

Yet; his professionalism and etiquette is out of the ordinary, applying his knowledge not only in life but also in the arts.