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Korean furniture artist Lee Yechan (1998) majored in furniture design at Gongju National University and is currently producing unique sculptural furniture pieces, with a distinguished plastic concept hidden in their form. The artist is working on sculptures that can stimulate the user’s senses and convey discriminatory senses, allowing them to take the time of slowly and silent thinking – meditation.

The artist is exploring various formations found in nature, and deliberately reveals contradictions between them and their made materials. Often playing with the sensations of balance and instability, sometimes mimicking the fragile positions of stones stack on top of each other. In some Asian cultures, it represents a sign of good fortune and balancing out conflicting energies.

His unique vision of furniture design, resulted by the contact point between material and expression, transcend the notion of functional furniture, and translate into functional art.

Lee has received multiple prestigious international awards, just to mention a few:

  • Furniture Living Design Competition, winner 2023
  • New York product design award, Sliver award 2023
  • Gyeonggi Craft Creation Center, Craft Convergence Camp, Grand Prize 2022
  • A Design Award, Italy, bronze award, 2022
  • Korea Wood Design Competition, Excellence Award 2022
  • Chungnam Public Design Competition, Excellence Award 2022
  • Chungnam Public Design Competition, Encouragement Award 2021