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Dragon Stool / Side table




In the realm where functionality meets artistry, Anadora Lupo’s “Dragon Stool” emerges as a captivating testament to the interplay between form and function. Crafted from perforated sheet metal, this sculptural side table/stool beckons the observer to reconsider the conventional boundaries of furniture design and social interaction.


Sculptural side table / stool made out of perforated sheet, designed for collective seating arrangements that challenge social distancing and encourage the exploration of the visual perception of metal, through depth and volumes, different opacities and transparencies of perforated metal.

The carefully handcrafted unique shape with its original geometric beveled corners, allows the Dragon stool to change its role from a seating option to an independent art piece with oblique mode standing position, enhancing the personality of your space.


All sides are burned with high temperature flame, iridescent finish due to the burning nature of the technique, an out of the ordinary finish, that will surprise you every time you admire the piece. its Your order will be sent in a special packaging to secure the product, delivered directly to your home. The price doesn’t include shipping costs. They will be added to your order during checkout. 


Build process

Technique: welded stainless steel, brass welding and accents, 100%  hand crafted from zero by the artist.

 Build process takes between 4-6 weeks; please allow extra time for custom orders (materials and dimensions can be customized upon request). No two pieces will be the same, because each piece is 100% unique. Due to the nature of the material, the coloring may vary slightly from the photos.


L 35 cm / W 35 cm / H 42 cm


Stainless steel, welding in brass, accents in brass, burned stainless steel

Limited edition

“Dragon” sculptural side table / stool  is limited to 18 editions +2AP.


Like a reaction to the unstoppable digitalisation of our world, romanian-born artist, Anadora Lupo has created a series of metal works that is antithetical to this trend. The core easthetic of the works embodies both sculptural and utilitarian principles like strength, durability and stability; in a rare language that create a moment of calm and solitude.

The metal is sensually forged to unique shapes through a manually intensive process, furniture that goes far beyond its functional use. Each piece that comes out of Anadora’s hands is unique, and contributes with a delicate touch of the sublime in a domestic space.

The work itself is open to interpretation but her unique style and daring forms, certainly set the artist to be seen as existing somewhere between traditional disciplines and modern interpretations of sculpture, design and architecture.