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Wave Lounge



The Story

Once upon a time, in the middle of the Ocean, on a very still day, while the sun was shining, a wave has appeared. Why did the wave appear exactly at that place and time? Nobody knows.

What we know for centuries, is that the Ocean is never still, and always has waves at the horizon.  We know that a wave is only energy. Energy transmitted through particles of water, causing it to swirl into an endless circular motion.  And if not obstructed, waves have the potential to travel across an entire ocean basin.

The story of the Wave Lounge was born once upon a time, while gazing at the never-ending blue horizon.  Inspired by the vast energy of the wind and sea strongly colliding together, the idea of this monolithic functional sculpture was thus born.

The concept

As a piece of the Ocean, a strong presence of mass was needed in the style of Wave Lounge. The twist of a wave near braking point, encapsulated in time, that will completely charm the viewer’s eyes.

With a total neglect for traditional design, this fully functional design piece will undoubtedly generate emotions. Be prepared to take a large slice of wave right into your home.

 Build process

Build fully by hand, with acrylic glass as a primary material. For each piece, literally over 200 Kg of material was used for this monolithic functional artwork. it is necessary to pour over 60 colored layers of liquid acrylic on top of each other for a period of over 20 days.

Each Wave Lounge is entirely made by Eduard Locota himself (Important: not from artisans or craftsmens), from acrylic glass. Each artwork is unique and accompanied with a certificate of authenticity signed and dated by the artist. After each 3 consecutive layers of acrylic, a decorative layer is then added. This blue-turquoise design layer is representing the irregular energy and hue of a wave.  It’s an incredibly labor intensive and detailed process.  Hand sculpted, sanded from the hardest to the smallest grit, and then polished to perfection give birth to Wave Lounge.

Build process takes about 2 months for each Wave Lounge. 


L 163 cm / W 52 cm / H 60 cm

*Note: because each piece is 100% unique & hand made, dimensions may vary slightly.

 Limited edition

Because of it’s difficulty in making, there will be only 5 pieces ever made, not more. + 2AP.





In the current context focused on excessive and unsustainable consumerism, the 21st Century welcomes us with a Darwinian transformation for both men and nature. Evolution which leads to the development of a synthetic man living in a synthetic nature. Heavy topics as regeneration and sustainable environment are thrown into the arms of the future generations, that have not been born yet.

Thus, the artist’s creations highlight the synthesis through alternative materials used, such as: synthetic marble (resin and marble dust), synthetic resin (Plexiglass), synthetic cement (Jesmonite), charcoal, wood, and so on. His works have a powerful conceptual plasticity but also physical plasticity, a concept that can be interpreted as modern works of the 21st Century.

His pieces are sold around the world, belonging to private collectors and royal families.