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Born in 1988 on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus, Stelios Mousarris has swiftly established himself as a formidable force in the design world. He pursued Modelmaking at the Arts University of Bournemouth, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts and engaged deeply with various visual art mediums, including photography, product design, and architectural concepts. This period was pivotal in refining his conceptual vocabulary and creative identity.

During his studies, Mousarris gained invaluable experience working in London, enriching his understanding of the design industry. This exposure propelled him to launch his own studio and brand, where his designs evolved in sophistication and maturity. His groundbreaking creations, epitomizes his innovative approach, bending reality through design. Building on the success of this iconic piece, Mousarris continues to create and publish under his brand.

A collection of Mousarris work can be found proudly displayed permanently at the Louvre museum’s 21st century design wing, and has been featured in over many reputable design magazines and widely respected book publications.