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The eye, the nose and the mouth are a portal to civilizations with a desire for communication, knowledge and tolerance. Having hate and intolerance cannot build anything viable. When solidarity, principles and values are cracked; then the horizons are closed; the eyes are closed, friendships break up and racism dominates.

Zhu’s artworks are meant to take the viewer towards a meditation on the relations between people, a celebration of the dialogue between different cultures and civilizations around the world. His work is attempting to defy new or old mishaps and prejudices, they bear the mark of friendship and tolerance, promote understanding and partnership between people.

Metis, is a symbol, a meditation of relationships between different people without prejudices. The subject being complex and sensitive, my intention is to emphasize the symbolism of the theme and not to give answers. The works highlight the spirituality and civilization of the unspoken word of vision and imagination.