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Sculptor and restorer, Marius Bacriu was the Presi­dent of the Lugoj Branch of the Fine Artists’ Union of Romania. Knowing perfectly to subdue and turn wood into a delicate lace, Bacriu’s creations, with their multiple facets and openings, with geometries of holes, penetrations and perforations, not not have an archaic ap­pearance, but also a complete organic structure that looks like honeycombs in nature.

The artist says “I am fascinated by flight, light, by the transparence I try to transpose into wood and stone. My favour­ite symbols are the column, the gate and Icarus. In sculpture as, in fact, in all arts, there is a relationship between the material and the immaterial, which I try to represent. It is the correspondence between what can and what cannot be seen.”

The perforated niches are places of passage or shelter for spirits, access for floating creatures, places for spiritual entities, windows for the soul. The hollow structures, crowded towards the heart of the work, from a visual perspective, are conductive holes for air and light, and provide an opportunity for air to communicate with the material from which the sculptures are made off. The works rest on the ground and go up into the sky, they exist in the air like trees, like birds. The archetype of the bird and the meaning of flight and floating in the air, end in the idea of passage and transition. Bacriu was also a teacher at Timisoara’s School of Arts, sculpture department. Beside many of his talented students, Dan Jula is the one that is continuing his artistic legacy and teachings.

The meaning of Bacriu’s monumental sculptures matches some themes like, the cross, the wing, the bird, the dream, the window, the gate, and so on.