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Dan Jula is a Romanian artist born in 1976, currently living in Timisoara. He is making one-of-a-kind sculptures, by directly cutting into the material. It is a brutal attack, but above all definitive, it leaves no room for error, any piece removed from the block is removed forever, this is in accordance with the psychic imbalances that can occur in a person’s life.

He is also a former student of the sculptor Mariu Bacriu ; not only continuing his teachings but also surpassing his legacy.

“I work in wood because wood, in its effective, organic materiality, offers a warmth, a personal experience of the material, but also for the characteristic of its easy and responsive conformation in processing. As a technique, carving gives me the opportunity to start from scratch with the material in a definitive gesture to reveal the content, in this way a parallel is made between the life that exists but must be processed, revived.” said the artist.

Dan Jula uses art not only as a way of exposing his deeply creative thoughts, but also as a therapeutically tool of finding balance in his life. In truth, the artist’s psyche is deeply carved in the physical anatomy of his sculptures.